How effective is freelancing as a career ?

 How effective is freelancing as a career?

How effective is freelancing as a career ?

In the case of boys and girls from middle class educated families, one way is usually open, which is employment. But there are many limitations in this case. Most do not get the desired job and salary. But now you can choose freelancing as a career for online welfare. Freelancing is the freedom to do whatever you want online based out of the ordinary job.

Here is a comparative discussion of the two issues so that you can understand which is your applicable job or freelancing.

1. Freedom of time: A job in a private company means leaving the ability to control one's time to the boss.

But When you are a freelancer: The only real job is to submit the buyer's work on time. Whether it is done during the day or at night, it is not a matter of any kind of stress for anyone. No one has an issue of accountability. In other words, the power to control your time is in your hands, how you enjoy your time is a personal matter.

2. I want to be my own boss: Job means hearing insulting remarks from the boss due to any work mistake. It is a very common thing for any employee to deal with such a situation. People who are independent in nature cannot accept such behavior in any way. As a result, unpleasant incidents also happen in many cases. 

But When you are a freelancer: Freelancer means boss yourself. There is no fear of being scolded by any boss. You can work or take breaks according to your needs.

3. Traveling around the globe:

Those who are government employees are different. But in the case of private employees, they have to put a lot of pressure on their heads to do long-term duty. That's why those who are thirsty for travel have to forget the addiction of travel.

But When you are a freelancer: If you have a laptop and modem or any other way to connect to the net, you can become a tourist if you want. Because where the buyer is working and submitting is not a problem in the case of freelancing. And that's the real fun of freelancing.

4. Need a large monthly income: In most cases, the average salary in the job can be 12-25 thousand taka. The economic problems of middle class families continue. If you are the eldest in the family and if there are younger siblings in the family, then you must bear the cost of their marriage and education. If the parents are ill then the financial problem will increase in two-three steps. I have seen many people in this way reach the age of thirtyfive, then they get a chance to get married. Basically, what I mean is that due to this economic problem, the right time of youth is being lost. And because of the low salary, you have to bury many of your dreams inside.

But When you are a freelancer: In our country, the monthly salary of a master's degree boy is 12 to 25 thousand taka. Then there are a lot of freelancers in this country who are earning more than one lakh taka a month online as students.

6. Dreaming when owning an organization: Dreaming is a common human instinct, but it is very good to be realistic. Your dream world is to own an organization even if it is small. But the reality is that the family is in a tense situation with the salary money. Then how is it possible to realize the dream?

But When you are a freelancer: After 1-2 years, the workload of many freelancers increases. Then you have to find a lot of people to work for. And if you work to create employment for others, on the one hand, your dreams will be fulfilled, on the other hand, the welfare of the people.

There are many more reasons why you should become a freelancer instead of an employee. But our social reality also shows a lot of arguments for being employed.

- When you go to work, you get to know different types of people in the office, so you can learn a lot from them. Freelancers have to rely entirely on online to learn something.

- In addition to discipline in the life of employees, there is a practice of punctuality. But that is not the case with most freelancers. In many cases the abuse of freedom is seen.

Whether you want to be an employee or a freelancer is your own decision. There are good and bad sides in all cases. However, due to various social barriers, some people are still afraid to take freelancing as a profession in this country. However, if you can take it as a profession, then it is more likely to be profitable.

The way the industry is gaining popularity among the educated youth, there is no doubt that soon there will be some organizations from which freelancers will be recruited, these freelancers will not have to go to the office to work.

Thanks for reading. Stay with us.

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