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Complete guidelines for learning WordPress

Hello friends , In this article I have told you everything about wordpress. It is a short tutorial about wordpress which helps you for starting web development with wordpress if you are a beginner. In this article I have also shown what you need to know before starting wordpress development.

Wordpress Tutorial for beginners

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). Simply put, the content management system of a website. Images, text and all the information you see on a website is content. Content Management is about managing these. And WordPress is such a content management system. Not only that, WordPress is the number one CMS in the world. Its popularity is growing in website design. If you can read, your confidence will increase. This time you understand how important this flame is.

Why learn WordPress?

If you want to build an online career, no matter what profession you work in, having WordPress flame is the best thing for you. Additionally, if you want to build a website, there is no other way to learn WordPress in the current market. And if you want to build a web development function learning WordPress is something you have to do. If you want to create a simple website for fun, you can still learn WordPress. This way you don't have to read many codes hard. There are thousands of ready-made themes that you can easily create and maintain a website.

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Suitable for whom?

Those who want to build a website out of curiosity, do well in this field. I have always said that it takes interest to do everything. However, those who are interested in computer coding can do well in this case. You have to do programming in WordPress theme development. For those who do not want to see the code, it is best not to come to this category.

What is the demand for WordPress in the marketplace?

WordPress is the most demanding website builder in the world. No doubt about it. Many of the world's most popular websites are created with WordPress only. So I don't think there is a need to interpret it differently.

What are the chances of earning money?

Depending on international standards, you can create a medium-sized website and earn from 200$ to 2000$ (USD). But in most cases it is between 200$ - 500$. It will also take you a maximum of 3 days to complete the intermediate website work. So it can be said that if you are familiar with WordPress, even if you only do 3 tasks per month, making 600$ is not very difficult.

It’s good to know that I’m just talking about scale. However, the average revenue for a qualified WordPress expert is 2,000$ (USD) per month. In addition, most of the time you can work to solve a small problem that can only take you 15 minutes in total, but your salary will be 30$-100$. This is a very funny thing. But the thing is, you have to be an expert. It is impossible to earn money by learning a little work in this field.

How to learn WordPress?

You must first learn HTML and CSS well. I repeat, learn HTML and CSS first. Then you come to learn WordPress. Otherwise you will get in trouble.  

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What does it take to learn WordPress?

Remember that WordPress is designed for web development and HTML and CSS are designed for web design. After that you will need basic PHP skills. PHP is another popular and powerful web editing tool. In many cases, many new students have difficulty learning PHP. So you don't need to know Core PHP at all. You need to know your basic syntax. And once you've advanced, another language you need to learn is Javascript. This is a very interesting language. 

The fact is that you have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP. It can be done even if you know the basics of PHP. You should learn Javascript, Jquery, Ajax when you are advanced. When you become an expert while working, you will become fluent in all languages.

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What is the theme of WordPress?

Now you know that 'Theme' is the most important part of the WordPress site. That is, the content depends on what your website should look like and what functions your website should have. And all knowledge will be powerful. That is, you can easily edit all the content you want from the Dashboard. Now you need to learn how to dynamically convert HTML template to WordPress.

This means that your website will look the same as before, but if you want, when you add something new from the WordPress dashboard, it will be automatically added to your website.

What is WordPress Theme development?

Integrating a complete HTML template with PHP coding into a complete theme is called WordPress theme development. If you want to do WordPress theme development, you need to know at least PHP.

After learning the theme development you need to learn WordPress plugin development. You already know that plugins are a very convenient thing to use to create anything you want.

This is a short tutorial about WordPress. Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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