What is Youtube SEO ?

What is Youtube SEO ?

With over a billion users, YouTube is a major player in the online video industry. This signifies that it will play a significant role in your marketing strategy. YouTube is a video search engine and video hosting site, so it's important to rank on the first page of their results for your videos. However, this can be tough to do without any knowledge of YouTube SEO. This article will break down all you need to know about YouTube SEO, including how to optimize your YouTube channel, find keywords for your videos, and more.

What is Youtube SEO

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO (Web Design & SEO) is a method for making sure your videos are ranked higher in YouTube search results when people search for your brand or product. This can be essential for boosting the number of views and the amount of money you earn from them. YouTube SEO includes practices like keyword research and adding a title tag. To be successful at YouTube SEO you'll need to monitor your videos' progress over time. Google uses its AdWords platform to help advertisers determine how well their ads are performing for a particular search query.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube gives you the ability to create a channel to host your videos, where people can subscribe to receive updates and video playlists. You also get to choose the platform you want to share your content on, and can choose between Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Start with setting your channel up for free in the main YouTube control panel. Choose the license for your channel, and then proceed to the Content Settings. On the right side of the screen you will see the option for desktop uploads. Select this, and then click Create Channel. If you click on the + button on the first page, you will see the option to create an Advanced Channel. This is a more advanced version of the Basic Channel, and provides more options.

Keyword Research for Videos

With so many videos being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, you'll need to do your homework to make sure you're uploading the most relevant videos that people want to watch. Now that you've created a profile and uploaded your videos, this is where you need to do some serious keyword research. If you are uploading videos and have not yet added a description, you need to spend some time working on keywords that people will likely use when searching for you and your videos. This is the first thing people will see when they type your name into Google. Make sure to get this right, or you'll struggle to rank for searches such as 'product reviews', 'video reviews', or 'teaching videos' etc. YouTube analytics will also be valuable here. How many people are searching for your videos?

Create Engaging Content

In order to rank on the first page of YouTube's search results, it's necessary to create quality, engaging video content. The only way to create this content is by going to YouTube's video player and recording a video. This is usually accomplished by uploading your video directly to the YouTube channel and then embedding the video into your website or blog. The reason why embedding a video is so important is that it allows your viewers to access your videos from any website or device. When embedding the video, make sure that you use the HTML5 player by Google, otherwise you won't be able to view the videos on YouTube. By creating content that is accessible to everyone, not just those on the YouTube channel, you will increase the likelihood of your content going viral.

Get More Subscribers and Likes

YouTube is a video search engine, and video hosts. That means that content on YouTube ranks high on the search engine and websites that are hosting your video and videos rank high on Google. To rank higher, you will need to rank high on the search engine. For maximum engagement, you will want to make sure your videos are highly share-worthy and sharable. The best way to do that is to find highly share-worthy content to use in your videos. Search for Sharing & Suggestion Engines Since Google likes to promote popular content, you will need to make sure your videos are featured in relevant search engines. Many video sharing and suggestion engines will rank high for video videos, such as Shareaholic, Ahrefs, and Moz, just to name a few.

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How to Rank on the First Page of YouTube's Search Results

There are many ways to rank on the first page of YouTube's search results. YouTube has an official YouTube SEO guide, which will tell you everything you need to know, but for a simple walkthrough, here are a few pointers.

Step 1: Choose a Video Title You want to use keywords in your YouTube video title, but not in a creepy, creepy way. You want to make sure your title actually matches the video content. You also want to avoid using jargon like "breaking news" or "here's the scoop." The only way you can include your keyword phrase is by using Google's Search Optimizer.

Step 2: Optimize Your Video Your video isn't complete without the proper keyword targeted treatment. If you have to write the description for your video, you should do the same for your video.

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Differences Between YouTube Marketing and YouTube SEO:

Most of us do not know the difference between YouTube advertising and YouTube SEO. Many people think that the two problems are the same, but even though the two problems are the same, there is a difference. Let's look at them one at a time.

YouTube SEO:

Before you can know YouTube SEO, you need to know what SEO is or what SEO is. So let’s take a look at what SEO is. The full form of SEO is “optimization engine optimization”. We know that SEO is only focused on Google's search engine. However, it does not only focus on the Google search engine, it can be done on any search engine in the world, but the process or function is different here.

Now let's look at an example of understanding SEO:

Simply put, when we search for something by typing something into a search engine, the search engine shows how many results it has.

From there we get the information we need by visiting the item you want by clicking on the link of our choice. And the reason why search results are visible in a search engine, the reason or method is called search engine optimization means SEO.

On YouTube we see a search box where when we type anything, it shows more videos according to that text. Originally called the YouTube search engine.

Now all you have to do is bring your video to the top of YouTube's search engine, YouTube SEO. Restricted to YouTube only. If you advertise here or share your videos on social media, you do not fall into the YouTube SEO category.

YouTube Marketing:

Before we can understand YouTube marketing, we need to know what marketing really is.

Marketing is a research-based topic. Let's take a closer look at some examples.

Suppose you have a product now that you want everyone to know about. When it comes to advertising everything you do to make your product known to everyone, that means when you advertise or distribute leaflets or anything else so that people know about your product, marketing is actually a number of these things.

Now YouTube marketing means you have a video on youtube and all you have to do is get that video from people to share your video on social media or show your video to others through ads etc. How everyone can watch a video is YouTube marketing.

In this case YouTube SEO is part of YouTube advertising. Because here you are doing YouTube SEO to show people.

I hope everything is clear to you.

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